Force-free training that’s backed by science, trusted by humans, and loved by dogs 

Sometimes it feels like you have to be a canine clairvoyant to understand what’s best for your dog.

Our online dog training will teach you how to become a doggo detective so that you can help your dog be calm, confident, and comfortable.

Our Services

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten class as light on training and high on socialization, education, body language, and puppy interactions.

Virtual Training

Virtual training starts with an initial consultation then a more in depth training for either Puppies + Non-Aggressive Dogs or Reactivity + Aggression

Private Training

Private, in-home sessions to help you better understand your dog’s behavior and body language, as well as successful training strategies. 

Hey, I’m Jill!

I help Dog owners (like you) build better relationships with their pets.

My goal is to improve the lives of dogs by teaching their owners a new way of thinking about dog behavior and demonstrating positive reinforcement techniques.

Meet The Original Underdog

Some Kinds Words From Fellow Dog Owners

Jill and Richie are seriously the best! 

I cannot stress how integral of a role they played in helping me raise my German shepherd puppy. My puppy is still learning, as I am as well, but everywhere we go my puppy gets compliments on how sweet and well behaved she is! Their approach to training is supported by science and it’s force free. I’m super grateful for reaching out to them for their services! I highly highly recommend them!


I would have given 10 stars if I could.

ill is absolutely the best. She is not just training your dog. She is teaching you to understand your dog and communicate better. We have 2 dogs. One has been adopted very recently and needed some help. Jill was so patient and so kind with her. At some point she worked with both of our dogs. Now our dogs get along better, behave better and we could not be happier.


Jill's been incredible and our dog absolutely loves her.

Ginger has progressed so much over the course of the sessions we've had, but so have my partner and I as dog owners! It's clear that Jill cares not just about her work during our sessions, but the continued quality of life for the dogs and owners she works with.