Board & Train Program

In-home board and train are where your puppy will live with one of our certified trainers, learning essential foundation training. This program is for busy folks looking for a loving and enriching environment for their puppy, where they will learn the foundation behaviors using positive reinforcement. Your puppy will live with one of our certified trainers for two weeks up to 2 months. Your puppy will be treated like family while training throughout the day, given enrichment activities, play, socialization, and puppy k! Your puppy will go on field trips to safe environments for socialization and training. 

Board & Train Packages

(400 daily) $5600

We can customize all training for you and your puppy. Our most popular customization is a puppy going home on weekends!

2 weeks |

(350 daily) $10,500

4 weeks |

(300 daily) $18,000

8 weeks |

What is included:

  • Remote consultation (45 min)
  • Customizable training plans and programs
  • Multiple one on one training sessions throughout each day
  • Multiple customizable Enrichment activities daily
  • Love, attention, and family time throughout the days and evening
  • Multiple walks (for vaccinated puppies)
  • Foundation Training (Sit, down, place, up/off, touch, recall, polite greetings, Loose leash walking, leave it,  drop it, barrier training, independence training,  crate training, and so much more. 
  • Multiple transfer sessions to teach the guardians all that we learn
  • Pick up and drop off (out-of-service area travel fees apply)
  • Puppy or dog will automatically be enrolled in all group classes
  • A written schedule of how to keep a program