We help dog parents like you with irritating and sometimes challenging dog behaviors. We alleviate ALL those pesky behaviors, like jumping, mouthing, biting, growling, and pulling on leashes! 

teaching dogs what to do from the beginning!

We're underdogs

We use positive words that get all tails wagging. 


  • E-collars
  • Prong collars
  • Choke chain

The results aren’t as fast, but they last longer. 

We don’t Zap 💥 problems away; we get to the core issue.

As we all know, learning a new behavior can’t be fixed with a band-aid. 

They need to be taught with repetition to see long-term results. 

Training without pain! 

Richie is an artist, musician, and certified dog trainer—but please, call him Richie!

Richie's specializes in puppies and teenage dogs who are WILD and CRAZY!  Richie is the Chief Pupperino Officer of Underdogs, where his sense of humor, infectious lightness, and unending patience will allow him to help puppies become confident dogs.

When Richie isn’t working with Jill, you’ll find him organizing his record collection and running the show at GARAGEROCK! Records, or working on his next sketch, poster, or painting.

Jill Guin is certified at Karen Pryor Academy (KPA CTP), The University of Washington in Applied animal Behavior (UW-AAB), and Certified in Separation Anxiety (CSAT), based in Long Beach, California, and works with clients virtually worldwide. Jill offers both canine obedience training and behavior modification therapy. Her goal is to improve the lives of dogs by teaching their owners a new way of thinking about dog behavior and demonstrating positive reinforcement techniques.

While Jill works with all ages and species, she takes a special interest in rescue dogs and dogs, learning to adjust to life in their forever homes. Jill is deeply committed to keeping dogs out of shelters and helping them become the dogs they were meant to be!

When Jill is not working with you and your dog, she fosters shelter dogs to help them prepare for their new beginnings! She’s a sucker for a happy ending and loves witnessing the amazing transformations of these dogs who otherwise might not find new homes.

Jill and Richie

Meet The Underdogs

Jill is certified through the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. 

The program is based on the most up-to-date behavior science and modern training and teaching practices.

Continuing education is a key part of the Underdogs training approach.

Here are just some of the continuing education programs she has recently attended:

  • Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior - University of Washington 
  • Living and Learning with Animals - Dr. Susan Friedman
  • Certifed in Separation Anxiety (CSAT)
  • Let Animals Lead (Animal Reiki Certification Class)
  • Instrumental Learning - Dr. Kristina Spaulding
  • The Science of Fear - Dr. Kristina Spaulding
  • Advanced Concepts in Instrumental Learning - Dr. Kristina Spaulding
  • The Power of Choice: How it Can Decrease Stress in Dogs - Dr. Kristina Spaulding and Irith Bloom

Jill's Education

Meet The Underdogs

The results after working with underdogs!

I cannot stress how integral of a role they played in helping me raise my German shepherd puppy. My puppy is still learning, as I am as well, but everywhere we go my puppy gets compliments on how sweet and well behaved she is! Their approach to training is supported by science and it’s force free. I’m super grateful for reaching out to them for their services! I highly highly recommend them!

Jill and Richie are seriously the best! 


ill is absolutely the best. She is not just training your dog. She is teaching you to understand your dog and communicate better. We have 2 dogs. One has been adopted very recently and needed some help. Jill was so patient and so kind with her. At some point she worked with both of our dogs. Now our dogs get along better, behave better and we could not be happier.

I would have given 10 stars if I could.


Ginger has progressed so much over the course of the sessions we've had, but so have my partner and I as dog owners! It's clear that Jill cares not just about her work during our sessions, but the continued quality of life for the dogs and owners she works with.

Jill's been incredible and our dog absolutely loves her.


Our goal is to be the voice of underdogs everywhere. Whether that’s you, your dogs, or underserved and marginalized communities.

I am a certified animal trainer, using force-free methods backed by science. However, this doesn’t mean that I am no stranger to punishment— quite the contrary.

I am well versed in aggression. I came from a childhood where punishment was our primary form of communication.

I used think I could out-mad anybody. Or that I had to be tough “like a man” to be taken seriously.

I found myself working with dog trainers that used punishment. (we’re talking heavy duty stuff like kick corrections and shock collars). At the time, I thought that was dog psychology... 🙄

But luckily the universe threw me a bone and led me to positive reinforcement, the science of behavior, and in turn, a massive healing journey.

As I’ve dedicated my life to learning about behavior, how I communicate in the world. I've gotten to work with others with similar journeys... 

This is why I LOVE working with rescue dogs or misunderstood underdogs who may be experiencing excessive anxiety due to previous neglect or trauma.

Adjusting to family life can be tough for a rescue, I'm here to help pet parents live peacefully with these amazing dogs. 

Underdogs’ Values

As celebration and support of diversity of all kinds, we a donate to these charities...

Centered on supporting and empowering Farm Workers:
  • Distributing Pesticide and Smoke Resistant Masks to farm workers
  • Providing food and blankets
  • Supplying school supplies to children

SUCCESS STORIES IS an alternative to incarceration that builds safe communities by delivering TRANSFORMATIONAL feminist programs to Youth and Adults, with an emphasis on people who have caused harm.

Providing meals responding to humanitarian, climate, and community crises.


Underdogs Long Beach is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and anti-racism.

We recognize all types of diversity including ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, and abilities.

We acknowledge our own privilege and the ways in which we benefit from white supremacist systems.

But we also recognize and witness that many pets in the US have a better life than many people in the same country.

While we are proud to see animal advocacy work grow, we see very little advocacy for racism and human rights issues in our own city.

At Underdogs, we will fight and advocate for humans with the same intensity that we do for dogs.

diversity matters