Dog training Services

having a chill dog you can take anywhere

In-home board and train is where your puppy lives with one of our certified trainers, learning essential foundation training.

Board & Train

Private, in-home sessions to help you better understand your dog’s behavior and body language, as well as successful training strategies. 

Private Training

Virtual training starts with an initial consultation then a more in depth training for either Puppies + Non-Aggressive Dogs or Reactivity + Aggression

Virtual Training

Group Classes are an excellent way for you and your dog or puppy to learn how to communicate with each other.

Group Classes

Weekly training program to help build your pup's confidence so you can leave them at home alone.

Separation Anxiety

  • You understand that training requires your participation and are willing to dedicate time and effort to your training.

  • You agree to ONLY using positive reinforcement. 

  • You’re comfortable making a significant financial investment in your and your dog’s future.

This is for you if:

  • You are looking for a “quick fix."

  • You want to continue using methods that include shock collars, punishment, and other pain-inflicting techniques.

  • You believe that only your dog needs training, and don’t agree that us humans could use a little training as well

You’re not a good fit if:

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What happens next?

"I cannot stress how integral of a role they played in helping me raise my German shepherd puppy. My puppy is still learning, as I am as well, but everywhere we go my puppy gets compliments on how sweet and well behaved she is! Their approach to training is supported by science and it’s force free. I’m super grateful for reaching out to them for their services! I highly highly recommend them!"

"I can't recommend Jill enough-- she is amazing!"

  • While punishment CAN decrease behavior, it is a short-term fix that will lead to a fallout and confusion for our animals and humans.

  • Punishment is suppressing the behavior, creating fear, and not allowing our learners to express their emotions. 

  •  What does punishment do to their mental state? You’re making our dogs anxious and fearful!

Why we DON’t YOU use punishment?

  • We pride ourselves on our educaction and our many certifications, making us the most qualified to help dog parents like you and your dog. 

  • The dog training industry isn’t regulated; anyone can say they are a dog trainer with ZERO education. 

  • The damage I’ve seen done to animals in the name of training is horrible and often irreversible. It’s harmful and unethical.

Why DOES education and certifications matter?

  • You can book a discovery call on the top of our page. We handle MOST training questions in our consultations and training sessions; we do not train via email or phone.

Can we talk on the phone or text questions?

  • We are not in the business of fixing dogs, only in the business of helping humans to help their dogs.

  • Behavior is complicated and nuanced; there is also no way of giving any timeline or promise to any behavior change.

  • We are here to help; we can promise that. If, after a consultation, we believe that behavior is something we cannot handle, we will refer to someone more qualified to handle your case, often a veterinary behaviorist. 

How many sessions will my dog need to be fixed? 

Frequently Asked Questions

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