• They bark all-day
  • They destroy the house
  • Neighbors are complaining
  • I’m afraid they’ll hurt themself

I can’t leave my dog alone because…..

Separation Anxiety

Do you come home to complaints from neighbors? 
Do you come home to a mess of destruction around your home? 
We understand how stressful this can be! And we’re here to help.
Our effective training solutions build your pup’s confidence so you can leave them home without worry or guilt. 

Are you struggling with leaving your dog home alone? 

Common Symptoms include:
  • Destruction, especially at exit points, sometimes to the point of self-injury
  • Excessive vocalization: whining, barking, howling
  • Elimination (accidents in the house), drooling, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Anxiety when you’re getting ready to leave
  • Pacing, trembling or panting
  • Lack of interest in food or toys while alone

What is Separation Anxiety? 

Separation anxiety can look different for each individual dog. Dogs experience physiological shifts when left alone; this may look like vocalization, elimination, and destructive behaviors. But there are many other anxiety indicators, such as sweaty paws, excessive grooming, panting, pacing, and increased heart rate, but it looks different for every dog. This is the data the dog gives us when they are under stress during alone time.
Our separation anxiety training begins with a comprehensive initial assessment, priced at $225.

What's Included:

  • You'll have the opportunity to connect with a certified separation anxiety specialist who will evaluate your dog's separation-related challenges.
  • This assessment will take approximately 60-90 minutes and will be conducted remotely via Zoom.
  • We'll gather a comprehensive history of your dog, covering aspects like their health, behavior, and prior training experiences.
  • Our specialist will observe your dog's exit routines, behavior, and body language, offering valuable feedback and insights.
  • We will discuss your specific case, establish behavioral goals, and outline training and management plans.
  • You will receive a detailed explanation of our training process and the format we follow.
  • We also provide ongoing support as part of our customized training programs.

Initial Assessment

Start with a 20 min discovery call

Where we discuss high level our program, how separation anxiety training works, and answer any questions you have. Next, we’ll schedule a compressive assessment of your dog, so we have an understanding of where we’re starting. Finally, we’ll begin our training program. This is a 4 week long intensive where we’ll work closely together to track your dog’s progression. At the end, we’ll assess what continued support looks like for you.
Our Separation anxiety training program is intensive; it can take several months to resolve. We offer this program in four-week increments. 

Training is best handled remotely (Zoom). 

What’s included in the four-week package:

  • Initial Call 30 min
  • Daily Customized Training Plans
  • Three Weekly Live Assessments (Zoom)
  • Detailed Data Tracking Sheets
  • Weekly support, Daily feedback, and check-ins

Separation Anxiety training programs: 

$975 Monthly rate

Pros of online training OR Utilizing technology in training 

  • Viewing the dog in his “normal” environment makes for more accurate assessments.
  • Ability to support clients more regularly with results and better success in our training protocol.
  • The ability to set up more regular viewings allows for more succinct criteria setting.
  • Helping clients to watch their dog in real time allows us to teach body-language reading skills
  • Removing travel-associated costs can translate to better pricing for the client and better profit for the trainer.

From a relationship standpoint, I have never felt closer to clients than those I have worked with remotely. I am able to be in closer and more regular communication than before, which allows us to work harder, build better relationships, and yield even more success.

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What happens next?

Misconceptions about Separation Anxiety:

Myth: Blaming yourself for your dog's separation anxiety.

The Reality: Separation anxiety is a panic disorder triggered by a variety of factors, with genetics being a significant contributor to its development.

Myth: Spoiling your dog leads to separation anxiety.

Reality:  Showing love, support, treats, and affection to your pet and allowing them to sleep in bed with you does not cause separation anxiety. There is no link between affection and this condition. Separation anxiety is a fear of being alone, and withholding affection from your pet cannot cure this phobia.

Myth: Separation anxiety is not treatable.

Reality: Separation anxiety is treatable through methods like systematic desensitization, medication (in some cases), and support from caregivers. With the right treatment and support, individuals can manage and improve their separation anxiety.

Start by setting up a discovery call and schedule your virtual assessment.

How do I get started 

Separation Anxiety is most successfully done remotely. This allows us to be more efficient, utilize fantastic technology, and assess your case properly. We meet weekly for live remote reassessments, along with daily check-ins and missions. This method is the most cost-efficient; we can provide daily support and use our entire time together without distractions in the home. 

Where is it located?

Separation anxiety training is unique because it deals with emotional responses rather than teaching new behaviors. Just like humans seeking counseling for fears, there's no fixed timeline for a "cure." Each dog and owner are different, so progress can vary from weeks to months. Although separation anxiety can be treated, early progress is slow, but it accelerates with consistent effort and time commitment.

How long does it take?

The Details

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