Unlike traditional dog training or private in-person dog training, where you need to be in person and near the dog trainer you want to work with, all you need for virtual dog training is a computer and a webcam! Training sessions will take place via Zoom. We highly recommend having these session in your home or in a distraction free space (no parks) to keep your dog focused. 

How We Work

Virtual Trainings

Each dog and situation is unique, so what works for one dog owner might not work for you. That’s why we always begin with an initial consultation so that we can assess the needs of you and your dog.

Following our Initial Consultation, we will make recommendations and help you decide which package length is best to help you achieve your goals. A brand new puppy might need 10 sessions while a slightly shy adult rescue might only need 4.

Please keep in mind that based on your dog and goals, prices will vary. More detailed pricing information is available on request.

Notes on Prices

Note: All trainings are one hour long

4 weekly sessions: $1,120
7 weekly sessions: $1,800
10 weekly sessions: $2,400

For reactive & Aggressive Behavior 

4 weekly sessions: $800 
7 weekly sessions: $1,300
10 weekly sessions: $1,700

For Puppies & Non Aggressive Dogs 

Make sure you are completing your homework between sessions so that you see improvements, but don’t forget to have fun!

Do your homework

Try to have your puppy or dog in a calm state before each training session. Often we recommend that the dog is in the crate before we train to ensure they are at a low threshold.

Make sure your dog is calm

Before your sessions, try to keep track of all the questions you may have for your trainer to make the most of your time together.

Come prepared with questions

Make sure you have plenty of treats on hand, a lead, and harnesses. Check with your trainer before your session to confirm if they want you to bring anything else.

High-value Treats

Make sure the location you choose is distraction-free! I.e., avoid well-traveled areas in your home like the living room and opt for a quieter space where you and your pup can focus. Extra tip, make sure you have enough space to move freely around!

Location, Location, Location

Prep your smartphone/tablet/computer in advance. We recommend having a trip pod or laptop, so your trainer has a complete view of your dog.

Make sure you're all set up before your first session:

In order to make the most out of your Virtual Training Sessions here are a few tips:

The Details

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