Unvaccinated puppy being held in Long Beach, CA

Remember being a kid? Everything was exciting, and everything seemed shiny and new. That’s because it was! It’s the same for your puppy. The world is brand new to your puppy. It’s full of new scents, new sounds, and new things to chew!  Meeting a new person, smelling grass in the corner of the yard, […]

Puppy in Long Beach California

New puppy guardians have a big question: “when is the right time to start training?” The answer to that is… right away! Everything is new to your puppy, and their brain is growing and developing. Now is the time to help teach them! Of course, a dog is never too old to train, but these […]

    Dogs are hunters and scavengers and naturally need to seek and search. Foraging is working to obtain food; this is often in our dog’s DNA. Many dogs forage and scavenge for food constantly, “e.g., counter surfing, scouring walks for food.” Even my dogs have been known to steal some food off the counter! […]

Woman training togs

    We recently sat down with our good friends at Pet Waggin’ and chatted about the different dog methods of dog training (e.g., positive reinforcement and dominance training). As we continue to learn more about dogs and their behavior, some methods, which seem to be based on animal behavior, have been proven to be […]

On the fence about virtual dog training or recently booked your first session and want to make the most of it? This blog is for you! We’ll walk you through all of the steps to make sure you get the most out of your virtual dog training.     How to get the most out […]