Loving and caring for our dogs involves more than just the basics. We must delve deeper into understanding their unique requirements to meet their needs. Like humans, dogs have distinct needs, behaviors, and preferences. In this blog post, we explore the significance of comprehending your canine companion’s individual needs and how it plays a pivotal […]

Puppies are awesome. They’re cute and cuddly; watching them learn about the world is fun. They can also be holy terrors. They can be destructive, nippy, and exhausting. Let’s not even get into potty training. The thing is… this is all perfectly normal puppy behavior. But most humans want to ensure their pup can live […]

Underdogs and Pet Waggin Dog Training Workshop shaping and clicker training

Even professionals can benefit from a refresher course in dog training. That’s why we recently partnered with Pet Waggin’ and hosted a dog training workshop just for their team. We met up in Long Beach’s beautiful El Dorado Park for a session that was as fun as it was educational. We’re going to share a […]

Underdogs Long Beach training session relax on a mat relaxation training golden retriever

*Important note: Throughout this blog post, we use the terminology ‘hyper’ or ‘hyperactive’ to describe dog behavior as these are the terms our clients use. However, at Underdogs, we view ‘hyper’ as a label. A ‘hyperactive’ dog is actually stressed or anxious or responding to their environment or something else. It’s important to get to […]

Puppy in Long Beach California

New puppy guardians have a big question: “when is the right time to start training?” The answer to that is… right away! Everything is new to your puppy, and their brain is growing and developing. Now is the time to help teach them! Of course, a dog is never too old to train, but these […]