Have you heard the term ‘learned helplessness’ before? This is an important term in dog training, so we’re going to dive into what it is and why it matters. Learned helplessness is something we see too often. In our consultations, dog guardians report that their dog stopped walking, laid down on walks, froze, or refused […]

Unlike traditional dog training or private in-person dog training where you need to be in person and near the dog trainer you want to work with, all you need for virtual dog training is a computer and a webcam!     Often, when I promote online dog training (i.e., remote or virtual dog training sessions), […]

At Underdogs Long Beach, our methods are backed by science, and we have the education to prove it! However, unless you are familiar with the dog training world, you likely don’t care or understand what “science-based dog training” means. That’s okay! Here, we will explore what this means and how we apply it daily in […]