If you’re a dog parent, you’ve likely heard the term ‘dominance’ and ‘alpha dog’ before. By definition, dominance means having power or influence over others. Perhaps you’ve seen a dog at the dog park or in a playgroup that seems to ‘overpower’ the others. Or maybe the dog even gives off the vibe […]

    Dogs are hunters and scavengers and naturally need to seek and search. Foraging is working to obtain food; this is often in our dog’s DNA. Many dogs forage and scavenge for food constantly, “e.g., counter surfing, scouring walks for food.” Even my dogs have been known to steal some food off the counter! […]

Have you heard the term ‘learned helplessness’ before? This is an important term in dog training, so we’re going to dive into what it is and why it matters. Learned helplessness is something we see too often. In our consultations, dog guardians report that their dog stopped walking, laid down on walks, froze, or refused […]

If you recently welcomed a new puppy home, you hopefully have done your research, gotten a few puppy essentials, and are ready to tackle your first few days as a new puppy parent. However, after bringing home a new puppy, many realize that although you can research and prepare, it is difficult to truly understand […]

    If you are new to the dog training experience, the use of clickers can seem bizarre. Most people find them daunting until they see the benefits. As a force-free and science-based dog training service, we use clickers daily with our dogs and during training. Regardless of the specific training goals that you have […]