The first few weeks you spend with a puppy are a crucial period for both you and your new dog.

The relationship you establish during this time can set the tone for the rest of your life together. Puppies grow up very fast in the first months after they enter a new home, so getting their early training absolutely right will help them become calm, well-behaved adult dogs. 

What They’ll Learn

Puppies must have their first round of vaccines administered by a veterinarian with no signs of illness to attend. Our classroom is disinfected before and after each class, and we ask that pet guardians disinfect their shoes before entering the puppy room.

  • Bite Inhibition
  • Basic training
  • Socialization
  • Veterinary handling
  • Relaxation training

Our Puppy kindergarten group class is for puppies between 2-4 months of age, this happens to be the critical socialization period! We’ve created a safe and sterile space for puppies and their guardians to come and train!

Price: $225

1 trainer per 2-3 puppies


Small class size (4-8 puppies)

The Details

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